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The most essential things to know about Intervention Theory as it relates to Origins---of the universe, of life itself, and especially of humans and hominoids, all of which are inextricably linked together in ways nobody fully understands, least of all the scientists who claim to understand precisely that.
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My eBook concludes with a letter I received from a mainstream geneticist known as DNA Deep throat. Many of you who have now read Intervention Theory Essentials have been astonished by that letter, as I assumed you would be, and now are asking to know more about that gentleman and the mainstream "secret" he was sharing with me.


Here is an excerpt from his letter to me:


Dear Mr. Pye:
I agree with your conclusions [that humans are genetically engineered] and will give you a few hints, if you wish [speaking] as a “DNA Deep Throat.” First, look up the huge discontinuities between humans and the various apes for: (1) Whole mitochondrial DNA; (2) genes for the Rh Factor; (3) and human Y chromosomes, among others.

On Nov. 5th, 2011, in a "Byte Of Pye," I delved into the third of these "hints," investigating the human Y Chromosome and connection to Zana, an almas type hominoid that lived in a village in Russia for 40 years, and which crossbred with human men to produce several dominantly human offspring.
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Everything You Know Is Wrong

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What's Happening With The Starchild?

In a word? History. In 2003, Trace genetics was able to isolate a small amount of human maternal DNA (mtDNA) from the Starchild Skull, but could find no human paternal DNA (no nuDNA could be recovered). The normal human skull found with the Starchild provided easy recovery of both mtDNA and nuDNA, which indicated that the Starchild's paternal DNA should be recoverable. The fact that it wasn't was an indication that the nuDNA was too different from human DNA to be found by the human DNA recovery techniques used. This led to the "human-alien hybrid" theory described in the 2007 book "The Starchild Skull: Genetic Enigma or Human-Alien Hybrid?"

2003 DNA Results

Following this result, the geneticists assured us that improved technology was in development, and it would enable a complete recovery of the Skull's father's DNA no matter how unusual it might be.

In 2010, we contracted with a new, well-regarded geneticist whose identity must remain concealed until he has enough DNA data in hand to publish a formal paper about his results.

Using refined recovery techniques, he was able to sequence a small amount of elusive nuDNA from the Starchild Skull. It was analyzed by the NIH "BLAST" program, which compared it to the many millions of DNA samples on file with the NIH.

Some of the submitted Starchild Skull DNA samples matched (or were "close enough" to be matched) to human DNA. Other samples were not even "similar" to ANYTHING in the NIH's massive DNA archive. If the results were accurate, and we feel certain they are, then some of the Starchild's DNA is not just non-human, it is unlike anything found on Earth. It is, in the purest sense, "alien"!

2010 nuDNA Results

2012nuDNA Results Video

2010 Human-Alien Hybrid Video

In 2011, the same geneticist sequenced a larger portion of the mitochondrial DNA than Trace did in 2003. He compared it to human mtDNA, which in each person is astonishingly similar. While some parts were exact matches to human, much larger parts were so different that they strongly suggest the Starchild is not part of the human species.

2011 mtDNA Results

These results were so far from human mtDNA, the projected results for a complete genome recovery strongly suggest that the Starchild is fully alien.




Lloyd Pye Wacks Wikipedia in
this video from a UK lecture

Lloyd Pye has again picked up a gauntlet thrown down by an opponent. In this popular video he lashes out at gross inaccuracies and outright lies disseminated on Wikipedia, which he and other alternative researchers rightfully refer to as Wackypedia.


For years Lloyd has struggled against the wild inaccuracies and flagrant bias in Wackypedia articles about himself and the Starchild Skull, railing against the internet giant's policies at a recent UK lecture.


His primary concern is that Wackypedia is entirely a tool of mainstream science, always reflecting--as a Wackypedia manager told Lloyd--"the mainstream consensus at any particular moment in time." This makes challenging views like Lloyd's, and all other alternative researchers, fair game for trashing by Wackypedia editors and administrators at every turn. In a recent statement Lloyd said, "Truth and reality should be determined by facts, not by the consensus opinion of an authoritarian group intimidated by critical, vindictive peers."   MORE >


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