ESSAY: "Missing Link" Missing The Point?

by Lloyd Pye

Short article discussing April 2010 announcement that two Australopithecus sediba skeletons purported to be the "missing link" in human evolution, have been found near the Sterkfontein caves near Johannesburg.



by Lloyd Pye

In April 2010, the journal "Science" broke a story that a new "Missing Link" had been found in mainstream science's endless quest to prove human evolution from primates. As I've said in my "Bytes of Pye" newsletter, these are regularly trundled out because mainstream science never actually HAS the missing links they claim to have, so they seem to think that by regular repetition of the claim people will fall asleep at the wheel and assume they actually have something of consequence.

There can be only ONE legitimate "missing link" between apelike "pre"-humans and humans, and that would be an intermediate type of human found between Neanderthals, which are far more primate than human, and Cro-Magnons, which are far more human than primate. And both species overlap for 200,000 years! So everything else about missing links is part of a smoke-and-mirror campaign mainstream science uses to keep the mass of people in a state of perpetual ignorance about the true facts of human origins. There is no other way to put it.

The two partial skeletons found in a South African cave are a previously unknown species the discovery team has named Australopithecus Sediba. The discoverers claim they contain elements of both the apelike hominids from which man is believed to be descended, known as Australopithecus, and early modern humans.

One of the fossils is of a male child, eight or nine years old, while the other is of an adult female in her late 20s or early 30s. They are dated between 1.95 million and 1.78 million years old, and reveal a species with long legs and a sophisticated hip bone, making them able to walk and stride like humans. But they also still had the strong hands and long arms more reminiscent of primates.

Both were just over four feet tall, with the female weighing in around 70 pounds and the child around 55 pounds.
Although small, their brains appear to have been more advanced than other similar species.

This combination of human and ape traits always leads to the "official" conclusion that the creatures in question have to be "prehuman" because they walk upright. To me it makes just as much sense to claim they were upright walking primates. Why? Because the exact same type of creatures are found in the fossil record for millions of years, to well beyond Lucy at 3.2 million years ago.

Upright walking primates are judged to be "prehumans" because for mainstream science to allow even the possibility of bipedal apes would be to tacitly accept the glaring reality of modern hominoids (bigfoot, yeti, etc.). This is something all scientists everywhere have to fend off as long as possible to avoid the day when they have to face the obvious conclusion that humans did not evolve here, and are in fact a very recent addition (200,000 years ago according to mitochondrial DNA research) to the flow chart of life on Earth.

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