New Book: Everything You Know Is STILL Wrong

Everything You Know Is STILL Wrong is Pye at his best. Filled with “see it with your own eyes” evidence ranging from the moment that the Earth came into existence to recent discoveries in our own DNA, this book will make you question many of the fundamental theories that are often mistaken for proven fact.

In 1997 Lloyd Pye’s “Everything You Know Is Wrong” delved into the controversial evidence for alien intervention on Earth. His hard-hitting combination of scientific facts with easy to understand explanations made the book an instant classic, and now, 20 years later, that book has been fully updated and revised to include brand new archeological and scientific evidence that was not available when the original book was published. Those familiar with the original will be astounded by the number of predictions and theories Lloyd posed in the original that have now been proven by science and are discussed in the new version.

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Although Lloyd Pye passed away in 2013, “Everything You Know Is STILL Wrong” has been based on the drafts and revisions that he was working on before his illness, updated with the very latest discoveries. If you have ever wondered if we are alone in the universe, this book offers a definitive answer that even the most adamant skeptic will struggle to ignore.

With over 600 pages, 150 B&W images, and a weight of well-researched evidence connecting the dots, this is the must-read book of the year for anyone interested in alternative knowledge, aliens, megaliths (pyramids etc.), hominoids (bigfoot, yeti, etc.), and the mainstream cover-up that tries to hide the truth from us all.

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