Intervention Theory

What Is Intervention Theory?

It is the theory that aliens deliberately placed and manipulated life on Earth, or to put it another way, aliens “intervened” in the development of life on Earth. There are many different versions of Intervention Theory, ranging from those who believe aliens merely seeded life here and then left it to naturally evolve (sometimes called “directed panspermia” or “terraforming”), to those who think aliens were actively involved in genetic manipulation to create domesticated species and humans. Lloyd Pye’s specific version of Intervention Theory proposes that there was at least one deliberate seeding event (the Cambrian Explosion), and that a human-like race of aliens called the Annunaki created humans by combining their own DNA with that of Earth’s native bipedal primates. As incredible as this sounds, there is evidence of DNA tampering in the human genome, and there are ancient written records detailing this incredible intervention.

Historical Records


“The Twelfth Planet” was published in 1976 by gifted linguist Zecharia Sitchin. In it he postulated that aliens not only intervened in the development of life on Earth, but that they lived among humans as our masters for centuries. His basis for these incredible claims were the oldest written records on Earth–the Sumerian tablets–which he was able to read in their original language. These tablets started life over 3,500 years ago as wet clay onto which scribes wrote everything from inventories to detailed historical records. The wet clay was then dried and fired, allowing the tablets and their precious information to survive for millennia.

Who Were The Real Prehumans?


“Hominoid” has been adopted to describe the controversial primates known by different names in different cultures: Bigfoot in the U.S., Sasquatch in Canada, Yowie in Australia, Yeti and Abominable Snowman in the Himilayas, Alma in Eastern Europe, Sedapa in Indonesia, Waterbobbejaan in South Africa, and various other names all around the world. Lloyd Pye proposes that these creatures are not only real, but that they are the non-extinct descendants of the various “pre-humans”. Is a Sasquatch a modern Gigantopithecus? Could an Alma be a Neanderthal? Or is Homo Floresiensis just a Sedapa?



Megalith simply means “giant stone,” but in this case we are talking specifically about the many massive artificial structures around the world that are so impressive we could barely recreate them today, yet they were supposedly build by primitive people with only fiber ropes and stone tools. These include the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the giant stone figures on Easter Island, the massive obelisks in Baalbek, Lebanon, the precision built walls in Sacsayhuaman, Peru, and many others around the globe. Lloyd Pye and many other intervention theorists believe that these structures were built by or with the help of aliens.

Lloyd Pye - The Seminal Lecture