Evidence Of Ancient Aliens

What is Sumer?

Sumer, or “Sumeria,” was an ancient region that today overlaps Iraq and Iran. Sumer was constructed and inhabited by the first sophisticated culture on Earth around 6,000 years ago. Nearly 4,000 years before ancient Rome hit its stride, the ancient Sumerians had produced over 100 of the “firsts” that are attributed to a “high” culture–everything from the first government, the first written codes of law and courts, the first written language, the first university system . . . even indoor plumbing! And they attributed all of these incredible advancements not to their own ingenuity, but rather to a race of flesh-and-blood “gods” (plural) who came from the stars, possessed incredible technology, and lived among them as their masters.


Rather than fragile paper or parchment, Sumerians wrote in soft clay, then fired it into stone in the world’s first kilns. At least 100,000 of those stone tablets have survived to present times, and they describe how superior beings from beyond Earth that they called “gods” lived among them as their lords and masters. Also, they say that in much earlier times these gods actually created humans “in their own image, after their own likeness” (words copied 2,000 years later into Genesis) in a “house of fashioning” (a genetic laboratory?) where they also created all of the known domesticated plants and animals “to give the gods their ease.”

The Sumerians always referred to their gods in a multiple sense and never with upper case emphasis. They wrote about those gods in matter-of-fact terms, describing them as flesh-and-blood beings with whom they could have sex and produce hybrid offspring. Modern humans have 46 chromosomes, whereas our supposed closest relatives, chimps and the other higher primates, have 48. Intervention theorists suggest that this difference is a direct result of these Sumerian “gods” (aliens) tinkering with our DNA and breeding with us, adding many elements of their own DNA to ours.

In 2010 “Hobby Lobby”, an American arts and crafts store, illegally purchased over 5,500 ancient artifacts originating from Sumer and the surrounding areas. These artifacts included cuneiform tablets and cylinder seals which are suspected to have been looted from archaeological sites. In 2017 Hobby Lobby was forced to return all of the artifacts and pay hefty fines. The Evangelical Christian owners of the company claim they did not realize that the objects may have been obtained illegally, and that they were merely trying to acquire a collection of ancient artifacts linked to Christianity in accordance with their “passion for the bible”. Some of the translated tablets discuss a previously unknown Sumerian city named “Irisagrig”. As archaeologists unearth new tablets it will be interesting to see what other information they can impart.