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The Starchild Skull
The Starchild Skull is a genuine 900-year-old bone skull found by a tourist in Mexico in the 1930s. It was dismissed as a routine deformity and kept by a private collector for nearly 70 years. In 1998, the skull was acquired by Ray and Melanie Young. As a neo-natal nurse, Melanie immediately realized that this was no ordinary skull.

In 1999, the Youngs teamed with Lloyd Pye to form the Starchild Project, an informal organization that would arrange for independent scientific testing of the skull by multiple labs and experts. The results uncovered by the research team ruled out all known physical deformities, and presented the scientific community with a genetic and physical profile never before seen on Earth.

DNA findings in 2011 indicate the Starchild Skull is extremely variant from human genetic norms. What remains is to determine whether that means it is “foreign to normal human genetics within the framework that subject is currently understood,” or “definitely not from planet Earth, i.e., an alien”…. or something in between.

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