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A Basic Guide to the Intervention Theory of Origins—of the Universe, of Life, of Hominoids, and of Humans


Since Lloyd Pye published his seminal book, Everything You Know Is Wrong (EYKIW), in 1997, his fact-based, no-nonsense explanation of origins has developed a devoted international following. In the years since EYKIW was written, there have been so many advances and new discoveries that rather than updating it, Lloyd decided to break his update into several completely new eBooks, starting with Intervention Theory Essentials. It details Lloyd's alternative views about Origins---of the universe, of life itself, and especially of humans and hominoids, all of which are inextricably linked together in ways nobody fully understands, least of all the scientists who claim to understand precisely that.


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Intervention Theory challenges Creationism, Intelligent Design, and Evolution, by offering plausible explanations for many of the conundrums left unanswered by those other theories. The new eBook takes the same aggressive approach as EYKIW, showing how and why so much of what mainstream science professes is not just wrong, but blatantly, willfully wrong, often in the face of evidence that would be overwhelming in any court in the world. Its revelations are astonishing, but they are presented in simple terms and concepts easily grasped by anyone.


It begins with a consideration of the true origins of the universe; then to the origin of life itself, which almost no one understands; then to the fits and starts when new forms of ever more complex life seem to be brought to Earth on a schedule rather than to have developed here. Learn why Lloyd Pye thinks some of the the earliest Miocene apes, which appeared 23 million years ago, live on today as the hair-covered bipedal primates (bigfoot, yeti, etc.) he calls "hominoids."


Learn little-known details about the Minnesota Iceman, a hominoid murdered in cold blood and doomed to years of display frozen in a block of ice. Learn even more about Zana, a well-researched Russian hominoid who has left behind living hybrid descendants (the eBook contains photos of one of her sons, a grandson, and several other descendants!) Most of all, find out why Lloyd Pye strongly suggests that Intragalactic Terraformers are much more likely to be the actual source of life on Earth than anything Creationism or Evolution can hope to rationally account for.


If you have an open mind and are inclined to question authority, this new eBook has been written for you. It has 350 pages, 230 photos and illustrations, and is 40,000 words long, which requires about 3 hours for an average reader to complete. Those 3 hours will change your worldview in ways you can't imagine now, but which Lloyd Pye believes will be an experience you will want to share with any other open-minded people that you know.

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Comments from David Sheriff, London UFO Studies (LUFOS)

Your new eBook is brilliant, like reading a page-turning whodunnit thriller, so I was up well past midnight finishing it. Do warn potential readers to start it with an open block of time. Like me, they won't want to break away from it at any point.
As with EYKIW, you constructed it in a rational and logical manner that even a nonscientist like me could easily follow. I noticed you copied EYKIW's structure  to some degree, but the vastly superior illustrations in this version bring the logic of your words to life in a way that words without illustrations simply cannot do.
You covered all the relevant bases . . .  from Divine Creationism, to Darwin's Origin of the Species, to mainstream Cosmology, to the wide range of evidence for your main argument that everything around us is a direct result of outside interference or planning. 

The parts about Neanderthals were illuminating, and the final parts about DNA were good enough to turn this eBook into some kind of underground masterpiece, if not a full-blown oneAny person with an open and questing mind cannot fail to be mesmerized by it

You deserve immense credit for completing such a compact, powerful, highly informative piece of writing.
David (Sheriff)


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