Lloyd Pye Fund For Alternative Researchers

What is the "Lloyd Pye Fund For Alternative Researchers"?

In 2014, in honor of what would have been Lloyd’s 68th birthday, his family established the “Lloyd Pye Fund for Alternative Researchers”. The fund uses profits from Lloyd’s books and ebooks, as well as donations from the public, to provide small, one-time payments to selected alternative researchers to allow them to progress their research.

Lloyd often spoke of his desire to help others like himself who walked in the garden of alternative knowledge, and who need support to continue their work. “Alternative knowledge” is a broad term used to describe the many disciplines of study that fall outside of “mainstream” science and academia, and include the areas of Lloyd’s own research into alien intervention and hominoids.

Lloyd Pye, 1946 - 2013

“It is what Lloyd wanted, and we are dedicated to making it a reality. Lloyd believed that there were many taboo and ignored topics that are backed by factual and scientific evidence, but not supported by any of the mainstream grants or establishments. Lloyd hoped in some small way to fill that gap in supporting others and with this new fund we hope to continue his wishes. We hope to do that for those who want to walk in his footsteps and venture into the garden of alternative knowledge.”

– Susan Stone, Lloyd’s Sister



The Grant is a one-time payment of $1,250 USD to progress a specific research project, or to assist with other alternative knowledge related work. The application can be for work in any alternative knowledge field, including but not limited to hominoids (bigfoot etc.), alien intervention, megaliths, alternative medicine, morphic fields, electric universe, ancient/forgotten knowledge, etc. Applicants are more likely to be successful if they have a clear and specific use for the money, a goal or objective, and if they have already begun work in their chosen field.


GRANT APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN. Download an application form (below), read it and make sure you understand and are happy to accept the terms and conditions, then fill out your application, providing as much detail as possible, and return via email to admin@LloydPye.com. Results will be announced in early September, and payment made to the winner via USA bank issued check. Note that the organizers reserve the right not to award a prize if no suitable candidate is found.


Previous successful applicants include Marcia K. Moore, an artist who did forensic reconstructions of the faces of “conehead” skulls; Marton Molnar-Gob, who compared the positions of stars in the ancient sky with the layouts of ancient cities to investigate a possible ancient aliens connection; and Mr. G. R. Stair, a “no kill” hominoid researcher currently using his grant to help fund an expedition investigating Bigfoot/Sasquatch in North America.