New Book Out Now!

20 Years ago Lloyd Pye published “Everything You Know Is Wrong”. In it he made a range of incredible claims and speculations, many of which have since been proven 100% correct by new scientific discoveries. Before Lloyd’s sad passing in 2013, he was working on a complete revision of his original book. Now, in 2017,

Rest In Peace Lloyd Pye

It is with great sadness that I write these words: On December 9th, 2013, Lloyd Pye passed away. He succumbed to an aggressive B Cell Lymphoma cancer, which failed to respond to both conventional and alternative treatments. Right up until the end he expressed a wish that his work should be continued by others, so

DNA Deep Throat

My “Intervention Theory Essentials” eBook concludes with a letter I received from a mainstream geneticist known as DNA Deep throat. Many of you who have now read Intervention Theory Essentials have been astonished by that letter, as I assumed you would be, and now are asking to know more about that gentleman and the mainstream

Lloyd Pye Autobiography

This short autobiography was written by Lloyd Pye in 2011. I was born in Houma, Louisiana, on September 7, 1946, on the leading edge of the famous “Baby Boom,” among the first crop of offspring born to the young men and women who as children endured the Great Depression and as young adults survived World

Peruvian “coneheads” possible aliens?

In June 2011, Lloyd Pye received samples from several Peruvian “conehead” skulls. Thanks to the diligent work of Brien Foerster in obtaining these samples, our geneticist is now working to obtain viable DNA results from these unusual skulls for comparison to the Starchild Skull. Results are not anticipated until later in 2011. but apart from


Some people can become very agitated about the subject of reincarnation, so if you have strong feelings against the idea or possibility of it, please don’t read any further or open the link at the end of this message. For those who have an interest in it, please understand that reincarnation is a seriously researched

A Word On Wikipedia

I and others have made numerous attempts to correct the errors and absurdities found in my personal page on Wikipedia – or as I like to call it, Wackypedia. Those attempts at corrections have been dubbed “unreliable” by the Wacky administrator who makes my page his personal bailiwick. At one point they even refused to